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LP (33 tours)LP (33 tours) - Jaquette avant
LP (33 tours) - Jaquette arrière
LP (33 tours) - Label

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LP (33 tours)

(p) & (c) 1978 Rca Records
Ref. : CHWL 1004
Printed In Italy

Liste des titres :

  1. Psychotic Reaction (by Radiators From Space)
  2. Saints And Sinners (Johnny And The Self Abusers) Clip disponible
  3. When The Night Comes (by Little Bob Story)
  4. No Russians In Russia (by Radio Stars)
  5. Better Off Crazy (by Skrewdriver)
  6. No One (by Johnny Mopped)
  7. Taking It Easy (by Count Bishops)
  8. Dirty Pictures (by Radio Stars)
  9. Gorilla Got Me (by Gorillas)
  10. Motorhead (by Motorhead)
  11. Television Screen (by Radiators From Space)
  12. Roue 66 (by Count Bishops)
  13. You're So Dumb (by Skrewdriver)
  14. Dead Vandals (Johnny And The Self Abusers) Clip disponible

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