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CD album

Ref. : UNCUT UG-35 41

Liste des titres :

  1. East Polar Opposite Can Dream (by Magoo)
  2. A Day In The Life Of Grand (by Ashley Park)
  3. Metal Mickey (by Suede)
  4. Lullaby 6000 (by Czars)
  5. Vapour Trail (by Ride)
  6. Betting On Trains (by Hem)
  7. Hooked Kiss (by Ben Christophers)
  8. New Favorite (by Alison Krauss & Union Station)
  9. Cowboy Song (by Thin Lizzy)
  10. Pale White Girls (by Bob Geldof)
  11. The Snow White Diner (by Handsome Family)
  12. Thrill Kill (by Damned)
  13. Holdin' Pattern (by Dr. John)
  14. The Needle & The Damage Done Paroles disponibles
  15. The Monkey (by Dave Bartholomew)
  16. Smog (by Dirty Pants)
  17. Let's Murder Vivaldi (by Ben and Jason)
  18. Lost Highway (by Billy Bob Thornton)

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