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(p) 1982 Touch
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Liste des titres :

  1. Final Verse, "Last poem" (by Vladimir Mayakovsky)
  2. Video 586-1 (by New Order)
  3. The New Nubia (by Soliman Gamil)
  4. From an interview (by Robert Wyatt)
  5. Song of the Houseproud Ghost (by The Death & Beauty Foundation)
  6. Subbotnik (by Hans Eisler / Mayakovsky)
  7. In Cassette Conference (by Eric Random Meets the Bedlamites)
  8. King Is White And In The Crowd (instrumental version listed as "King is White") Paroles disponibles Clip disponible
  9. Shelved Dreams (by Tuxedomoon)
  10. Waltz from "The Bedbug" (by Shostakovitch)
  11. Video 586-2 (by New Order)
  12. Hesitate (by Flesh)

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